Chevalle Country Estate Association Chooses Omega Property Management

By Brant Skogrand Business Comments Off on Chevalle Country Estate Association Chooses Omega Property Management

Chevalle Country Estate Association, the master association in the Chevalle neighborhood, has chosen Omega Property Management as its homeowner association management company. The firm, founded in 1977, will take on management of six of Chevalle’s seven sub-associations on the 300-acre conservation development in Chaska.


“We are looking forward to working with Omega Property Management and really value the experience that they have in managing homeowner associations,” said Jason Biddle, president of the board of directors of Chevalle Country Estate Association. “Omega Property Management has a strong reputation of providing excellent service and attention to detail with an individualized approach as well as experienced managers and support staff who have a high level of expertise managing homeowner associations. They are great fit for Chevalle Country Estate.”


The six sub-associations that Omega Property Management will be managing are:

  • Chevalle Campello
  • Chevalle Pascolo
  • Chevalle Valencia
  • Chevalle La Rive North
  • Chevalle Talero
  • Chevalle Terra Vista


“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Chevalle and manage six of their sub-associations,” said Lance Stendal, president of Omega Property Management. “We look forward to growing our firm while building a lasting relationship with Chevalle and bringing our expertise to Chaska.”

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