A Unique Art Gallery: Nokomis Square Cooperative

By Brant Skogrand Best Practices Comments Off on A Unique Art Gallery: Nokomis Square Cooperative

As senior living communities evolve, so do their amenities. At Nokomis Square Cooperative, a facility managed by Omega Property Management, the Design Enhancements Committee turned to a time-tested attraction with a unique approach – art.


The community worked with Metro Interiors to create an art gallery in the residential hallways. The committee and Metro Interiors collaborated on artwork selection and placement of 17 groupings of art. The pieces include: originals, budget-conscious prints, limited-edition prints, giclée prints, and oils.


“The art gallery has gotten a great reception here – people are enjoying it and very appreciative,” said Maureen Day, design enhancements committee chair. “We were just delighted to work with Metro Interiors…they are so accommodating, and it’s been really fun. We’re looking forward to the next phase.”


The above photo features Julie Ann Segal, Interior Designer & President of Metro Interiors, and Maureen Day, Chair of the Design Enhancements Committee at Nokomis Square Cooperative. To see photos of the art gallery, visit the Metro Interiors website.

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