Cool Small Businesses in the Twin Cities

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the cafe meow

Cool small businesses in the Twin Cities abound. Love cats? Check. Into dogs? Check. Love “Alice in Wonderland”? Check.


Look at our list of cool small businesses in the Twin Cities and find a way to support them for National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5).


  • The Café Meow – If you’re a cat lover and enjoy coffee or tea, this is the purrfect place for you. The Café Meow is Minneapolis’ first cat café, where people can enjoy the company of rescue cats while enjoying quality drinks. Here’s how The Café Meow works: There are two separate spaces – a café and a cat lounge. While enjoying drinks in the café you can look into a room that has up to 15 cats. Visiting the cat lounge is $10 an hour purr person. You can play with the cats and potentially adopt them! The Café Meow is so popular that reservations are highly recommended.
  • Bubbly Paws – We know that grooming a dog at home can be stressful and messy. With four Twin Cities locations, Bubbly Paws make it convenient to give your dog a self-service bath, let the Bubbly Paws professionals give your canine a full-service bath, or have the professional dog groomers work their magic.
  • The Rabbit Hole – With a delicious Korean food menu, taste alone should be a reason to go down this rabbit hole. You won’t find a Cheshire Cat here or hookah-smoking caterpillars at this next place on our cool small businesses You will, however, enjoy funky décor and creative drinks. Learn more about the couple behind The Rabbit Hole, Kat and Thomas Kim.
  • The Beez Kneez – You likely have heard how important bees are. At The Beez Kneez, the operators of this social enterprise manage 150 hives using sustainable beekeeping practices, bicycle-powered honey production and delivery. They run the first-ever community pedal-powered extraction facility and beekeeping equipment shop. Products range from honey to mustard to handmade ceramics and more. The Beez Kneez even has an Etsy shop.


Most owners of cool small businesses have a compelling reason that they took the entrepreneurship route. Remember to support them during National Small Business Week – and any time of the year.


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