Understanding HOA Board Responsibilities

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hoa board responsibilities

HOA board responsibilities are not to be taken lightly. There are numerous ways that inexperienced board members can get into trouble (check out these blog posts for examples).


That’s why we recently launched Omega University, a series of educational seminars that will take place each spring and fall.


The first Omega University board training seminars, which recently took place, were extremely popular. More than 60 people attended from homeowner associations across the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.


“As we have noted on our Omega Property Management Facebook page, there are many best practices that are important to follow and common mistakes to avoid when stepping up to be a leader in your homeowner association,” said Lance Stendal. “Often people aren’t aware of the extent of HOA board responsibilities, so we’re trying to educate the board members in our associations in the ways that they learn best, whether that’s in person or through videos.”


Attendees at the inaugural Omega University board training learned about the roles and responsibilities of board members; how to run a board meeting; why maintenance plans are important; and more.


To share a peek into Omega University content, here are insights on the five steps to a more effective board meeting:

  1. Use a timed agenda.
  2. Use a consent agenda.
  3. Come prepared.
  4. Keep the discussion on track.
  5. Focus on making decisions.


Learn more about running an effective board meeting in this Omega Property Management blog post.


Ever consider that communicating by email might violate the open meeting provisions of the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act? Or that it’s wise to obtain a written certification from a doctor to validate a disability when dealing with disability and comfort animal claims? Do you know how to avoid violating the Fair Housing Act?


Perhaps not – there are many aspects to HOA board responsibilities, so ensure that you’re educated.


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