Amazon Delivery Done Right

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amazon delivery

Amazon is easily the most convenient way to purchase products, not only because of its timeliness with Amazon Prime, but also because of the home delivery services. With everyone following this trend, though, it makes it easier for people to steal products sitting outside homes.


There are a few ways to limit, or even remove, the chance of someone stealing your products completely. Here are a few simple as well as more advanced ways to make sure your Amazon delivery makes it into your hands safe and sound.


Two simple ways to tackle this issue are to befriend your neighbors or pick up your packages in person. When you get to know your neighbors, it enables you to have extra eyes on your home; that way if someone tries to steal your packages, your neighbors will be able to act. To cancel out any chances of anyone receiving your packages other than yourself you can also simply pick up the package at a FedEx or UPS Store near you.


If you’re looking to make some big moves on security in your home to ensure success on your Amazon delivery, you can invest in a smart doorbell. Typically, a smart doorbell will be paired with an app on your phone that will allow you to view everything that happens on your front doorstep. That way, in case of a robbery you will be able to see what the suspect looked like and have a better chance of catching them.


Lastly, since Amazon has been noticing this issue themselves, they created the Amazon Key. This is a product that comes with a keypad and camera, has functionality for you to create time slots for people to enter your home, and allows you to unlock your door from your place of work so your package can be placed inside. While unlocking your home you can view what is happening through the camera that comes with the Amazon Key kit. This is very similar to the smart doorbell but comes with the convenience of being able to lock and unlock your door when you are away from home.


Whether you are on vacation or at work, it’s important that your package arrives in your hands. Figure out the next step that works best for you to make sure Amazon delivery is done right.


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