Omega Property Management Wraps Up 2019 Board Trainings

By Brant Skogrand Best Practices Comments Off on Omega Property Management Wraps Up 2019 Board Trainings

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Omega Property Management, one of the most experienced and advanced homeowner association management companies in the Twin Cities, has wrapped up their semiannual free educational board training sessions of the year.

Approximately 30 board members from homeowner associations managed by Omega Property Management attended each of the two sessions held this year in the spring and the fall. Each session lasted for about an hour and a half.

“It is always a pleasure to connect with various professionals and share best practices in person,” Omega Property Management President Lance Stendal said. “We will continue with our next session in the spring to facilitate dialogue and help association leaders succeed in their roles.”

Each training session included a panel discussion Q&A with board members on topics ranging from experiences with committees to which events have engaged homeowners the most. Board members in the audience were able to ask questions about their different experiences and industry best practices.

Attorney Anthony Smith of Smith Jadin Johnson answered questions at the most recent training about the legal processes of homeowner associations. “It’s necessary that individuals involved in homeowner associations understand the ways the law influences many of their decisions, specifically the dynamic between committees, boards and HOAs,” Smith said.

Smith also addressed questions that attendees had about homeowner associations and advice, such as storm water easement with the city and how to respond to owners asking to view records.

Omega Property Management plans to have their next board training session in the spring.

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