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winter tools

It is that time of year again where winter has sprung upon us. We all know that winter can have its nice moments, whereas at other times it can come in full force. As property managers, we all have our winter tools that we each utilize to help make each winter season go as smoothly as possible (hoping that there is not another polar vortex). We asked each of our managers what is one of the most important essentials they need for this wintry season.

  1. Touch-Screen Gloves: We are constantly on the go, running around from property to property conducting our visits. As you all know, Minnesota winters are notorious for their extreme subzero temps and teeth-chattering weather. Despite this, we still need to get the job done. We are flipping back between our phones and computers on property visits and, without the proper protection, one is subject to frostbite. Frostbite can occur when the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit; a wind speed of 15 MPH creates a windchill temp of -19 degrees Fahrenheit. Under these conditions frostbite can occur in just 30 minutes.
  2. Snow Summaries: Some of you are probably wondering what exactly a snow summary is. Well, first it is not a summary about what snow consists of … It is a summary that uses the contract guidelines from the grounds contractor and translates it to an easy-to-read guide for homeowners to set their expectations of when they are to be shoveled and plowed out. It also guides the homeowner on what they may be responsible for and what to expect from the contractor.
  3. Weather App: This is pretty simple: Get the weather app. You never know when there may be an unexpected snowstorm coming your way. It is always better to be overly prepared than underprepared, thus informing residents on what weather to expect.
  4. Heat Gun: If you have a condominium/apartment building, this is extremely useful to ensure that the building is being properly heated and that everything is being circulated properly. This is a preventative tool to ensure that you catch any cold snaps that could potentially cause a pipe burst (which we do not want!).
  5. Tape Measurer/Yardstick: Finally, this may seem like an odd tool, but have you ever been in an argument with a homeowner about snow depth? Go figure; all of us have sometime in our career. This is a vital tool because while you are on site, you can measure the snow depth, which keeps you informed and on track with your grounds contractors.

Hope you are able to utilize these tools during your snowy season, making your life just a tad easier while providing optimal service for your client.

(Photo credit: William F Yurasko via Flickr cc)

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