A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Representative

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By Melissa Thayer

A day in the life of the positively upbeat and proactive liaison for Omega Property Management’s clientele … Where do I begin?

Investigation Mentality

Every conversation starts as a potential investigation as to how we can make the voice of the customer be heard. Every call and/or email sets us on a mission to explore. Exploring the knowledge that can only be gained from the extensive collection of databases, aka the meat of our company. Everyone desires answers and I will be the vessel that provides them.

Teamwork and Excellence

As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” This is 100% true of every role at Omega and continues to ring true for every customer service agent employed here. We strive to provide excellent HOA management services by working as a team. When we work together, questions have answers. When we work together, compromise is possible between our clients and co-workers. Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without a core attitude of excellence. Doing everything with preparation and intent produces success, with a satisfaction delivery sprinkled in excellence.

The Glass Is Always Half Full

Optimism is key in this position. Seeing the good in every situation and the possibilities around every corner is how survival is attained. The character of a customer service representative should be molded in positivity. Standing on the front lines you are prone to take a few hits; however, no hit is strong enough to keep this gloriously gentle giant down. The key in optimism from a customer service vantage point is to have motives of favorableness for everyone involved.

That’s all I have for a short glimpse into a day in the life of a customer service representative at Omega Property Management. Each day we continue to stand by our values and proceed with our motto “Lead. Manage. Serve.” by aiding to our client’s needs.

(Photo credit: Alan Clark via Flickr cc)

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