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association property management

Association property management is designed to cover the expected, predictable, daily activities of an association. Project management is designed to cover those projects that may not be predictable or are larger scale projects that would take away from the daily management of the association. Project management, for instance, can be utilized for a flooded unit[…]

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amazon delivery

Amazon is easily the most convenient way to purchase products, not only because of its timeliness with Amazon Prime, but also because of the home delivery services. With everyone following this trend, though, it makes it easier for people to steal products sitting outside homes.   There are a few ways to limit, or even[…]

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As a homeowner, you receive a notice annually regarding taxes for your property and you may be wondering how property taxes are determined. Well, Dakota County has an excellent “Property Tax 101” resource that provides insight into factors that affect property taxes. Here are factors that go into determining property taxes: The market value of[…]

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