Lance Stendal

Lance Stendal

Lance is President of Omega Management and an Association Manager with more than 15 years of association management experience – and, being a family business, he has been involved since he was about 7! He is a licensed real estate broker in Minnesota and a Certified Manager of Community Associations. Lance enjoys using his skills and education to protect and enhance the associations he works with. Prior to joining Omega Management, he cofounded college marketing firm Campus Media Group, which is celebrating its 20th year in business.

Since the inception of Omega Management in 1977, the company has expanded across the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin to manage more than 5,000 apartment, townhome and condominium units.

 When Lance isn’t working, he is training for his next marathon or spending time with his wife and three daughters.


 Areas of Expertise

Homeowner associations

Residential real estate


Small organizational leadership


Current Topics in the Industry

Communication among boards, residents, contractors and association management firms

Utilizing technology to effectively manage associations

Managing volunteer boards

Maintaining or increasing property value through effective community management

Managing and troubleshooting insurance claims


David Stendal

David is founder of Omega Management with over 40 years of property management and entrepreneurial experience. David is a sought-after speaker and consultant within the homeowner association management industry, not only because of his extensive experience but also because of his vision that associations must focus on the long-term to achieve success, an attribute too often lacking in today’s ‘don’t worry about tomorrow’ attitudes.